RELIGION OF PEACERS: Hack to Death Another Religious Leader They Didn’t Agree With

Not the most peace group they’re advertised as, are they? This is nuts!

An elderly Buddhist monk has been hacked to death in a temple in Bangladesh, the latest in a spate of murders of religious minorities.

Police say there have been seven such murders in Bangladesh since the start of last month alone.

No group has yet said it carried out the murder in the remote southeastern district of Bandarban, but it is similar to several recent murders by suspected Islamist militants.

Villagers found  Maung Shue U Chak’s body in a pool of blood inside the Buddhist temple.

Police say the 75-year-old appeared to have been attacked by at least four people.

“We saw human footprints in the temple and found that four to five people entered the compound,”  said Jashim Uddin, deputy police chief of Bandarban.

He added that U Chak was living alone in the hillside temple after recently leaving farming to become a full-time monk.

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