REPORT: Hillary is ‘CLUELESS with Computers’, Bypassed Using a Secure Desktop to Send Emails on This

hillaryHow did she think this was okay? Even a 5-year-old now days knows that this is a STUPID idea.

The ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged misuse of her family’s private email account for official business might lead some to believe that she is pretty tech-savvy.

But in recent days a number of reports have emerged that suggest the the former Secretary of State is clueless when it comes to desktop computers.

In fact, she’s so out of touch with modern technology that she declined to use specially set up secure computers just so she could keep using her personal BlackBerry to send emails, The Daily Caller reported.

Lewis A. Lukens, who has been a foreign service officer at the State Department for 27 years, admitted that Clinton didn’t use a password to protect her PC and couldn’t use a computer.

Lukens, who had been deposed in the ongoing scandal over Clinton’s use of a private email server for work emails, emailed State Department Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy in 2009 email to complain about her technophobia.

‘[Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills] says problem is [Hillary] does not know how to use a computer to do emails – only Blackberry,’ he told Kennedy.

That created a problem, as BlackBerrys and similar devices are not allowed in the Secretary’s ultra-secure suite – meaning that she wouldn’t be able to email anyone while sat at her desk.

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