REPORT: ‘Nasty Woman’ Throws Her Used TAMPON at a Police Officer

screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-7-12-51-pmThis is gross. So, so gross. She actually reached in her pants, removed the product and chucked it. He was just trying to do his job! Some people need to get a brain.

A Florida woman is facing felony battery charges for pelting an ex-US Army police officer with her wet and used tampon.

Tecora Fields, 28, was arrested in Saint Petersburg on Monday for ‘assaulting’ officer André Sousa with the feminine product.

He had been trying to break up a brawl she was involved in when she screamed at him to ‘suck her p***y’ before threatening to throw it at him, an arrest report claims.

Fields is then accused of undoing her pants to fish out the tampon and throw it at Sousa, also 28. It allegedly struck him on the shoulder causing ‘bodily harm’.

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