REPORT: New Video Released by ISIS Vows to Massacre Christians

How would it be liberating to kill Christians? We aren’t sure but ISIS thinks it is. Of course they do, though; they are so messed up in the head, they see slavery as freedom. It’s sick.

Jihadists have increasingly targeted Egypt’s Coptic Christians in retaliation for their support of President Sisi.

Orthodox Copts make up about 10 per cent of Egypt’s 90 million people and are the Middle East’s largest Christian community.

In the 20-minute clip, the group singles out prominent Christian Egyptians, identifying the Coptic Pope and a number of wealthy businessmen as the group’s “favourite prey”.

The footage features a masked jihadi, identified as Abu Abdallah al-Masri, who promises to see the release of imprisoned Islamists when the group takes control of the capital.

Al-Masri — which means “The Egyptian” — was the nom de guerre that ISIS gave the militant behind the suicide bombing at St. Mark’s Cathedral.


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