REPORT: NFL Will Lose $500 Million as Fans Revolt

The National Football League is slowly realizing how big of sh*t storm they caused by allowing their players to continue protesting the national anthem.

As ratings continue to plummet across the country the NFL is predicted to lose up to half a billion dollars in revenue, according to analysts and network executives.

According to Outkick the Coverage,“several hundred million in lost revenue” this 2017 season has already been lost to television networks and the NFL; if this trend continues it is predicted to be a loss of $500 million by the Super Bowl.

“There is agreement that the NFL needs to find a resolution to the protests, but the most alarming thing for the league and its TV partners is simply eliminating the protest won’t return the NFL to its ratings golden era, just two short years past,” writes Outkick. “There’s a significant belief that the league’s TV partners, who are facing up to $500 million in losses this year, need a fundamental restructuring of TV windows to avoid losing even more money in the years ahead.”

These jaw-dropping predictions are coming as the NFL is fighting an internal conflict between Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owners over how they’re going to fix their problems after players have protested the national anthem for months.

‘President Trump foisted the issue of professional athlete’s “taking a knee” to the national spotlight earlier this year, when he called for a total boycott of the NFL until league officials and team owners officially ban players from making political statements during the performance of the national anthem,’ reports Hannity.

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