Restaurants, the New ‘Sanctuary City’?

Yes, that’s right America. While you’re enjoying a meal with your family, some restaurants might be protecting criminal illegals. They would rather do that than to look out for the safety of their fellow countryman. This movement can never be effective though. Check out why.

The national debate over immigration policy could be coming to a diner near you.

From down-home delis to upscale bistros, dozens of restaurants nationwide are seeking “sanctuary” status, a designation owners hope will help protect employees in an immigrant-heavy industry and tone down fiery rhetoric sparked by the presidential campaign. First inspired by churches, the label is something cities and other public entities have sought to offer local protections to immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, whether it’s barring police from asking citizens about immigration status or refusing to cooperate with federal agents.

Roughly 80 restaurants are participating, in locations including New York, Minneapolis, Detroit, Boston, Oakland, California, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The restaurants agree to anti-discrimination policies, put up signs on windows that pronounce their sanctuary status and receive know-your-rights training, such as webinars on how to ask federal immigration agents for proper paperwork if there’s an attempted raid. Some will also offer a text line for customers or employees to report any incidents of harassment.

At Detroit’s Russell Street Deli, which serves up deli sandwiches and hotcakes, customers walking in the front door of the racially-diverse restaurant see a sign that reads: “SANCTUARY RESTAURANT a place at the table for everyone.”

The movement is loosely defined and largely symbolic. Restaurants are private businesses subject to workplace law and regulations, and a sanctuary designation will do nothing to prevent federal agents from arresting any workers in the country illegally.

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