RIOTS TO ENSUE: Charlotte Preps for Destruction After Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Verdict

Officer Vinson who fatally shot Keith Scott has been freed of any charges. This does not seem to be settling well with the urban community. They’ve rioted over the shooting once before and with this judgement call, they’re certainly going to escalate.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police’s specialized riot squad unit has already been mobilized.

Building managers are also being urged to prepare for potential violent unrest by chaining down tables and chairs as well as hiring extra security staff.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users responded to the news that Vinson would not face charges by saying they expected riots.

One individual urged rioters to target affluent white areas of the city, tweeting, “If you do riot, #Charlotte, don’t make it entertainment for “them” by tearing up your own side of town. Do it downtown or sub.”

“Riot are gonna happen. This always happens to us only. When Trump white nationalists gets shot, that cop will catch a case then?” tweeted another.

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