RNC RULE CHANGES: Off the Table?

The RNC isn’t planning to make any changes for next week’s meeting in Hollywood, Florida; however, that doesn’t mean their summer meeting might see some. Check it out.

Don’t expect changes to the convention rules when the Republican National Committee holds its spring meeting next week in Hollywood, Florida, a party official said Wednesday.

Members agreed in a recent conference call that changing the rules now with the looming possibility of a contested convention would give the impression that they were trying to rig the process, said Peter Feaman, a RNC committeeman from Florida and a member of the party’s rules committee.

“The consensus was that the RNC rules committee is going to specifically steer clear of any proposed convention rules changes because we don’t want the RNC perceived as somehow wanting to manipulate the process one way or another,” he said.

The quarterly meeting next week will be the last time RNC members get together before the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland.

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