ROFL! Brian Williams ‘Patronizes’ Rachel Maddow — INSANE Scolding Occurs

If Brian Williams is trying to regain his glory, he is going about it all wrong.

He’s no longer sitting on his high throne. And MSNBC boss Phil Griffin is telling him to watch his step.

So how did this sh*t-show start?

The former NBC Nightly News anchor was given the chance to redeem himself (again) by covering the US Navy’s Tomahawk missile strike on Syria. But Williams, probably missing the glow of the limelight, went too long on his coverage, cutting into Maddow’s nightly program slot.

He then thanked her for “visiting” his newscast even though it was her time slot!

Oh, that did not fly! (But it’s pretty funny to us!)

President of MSNBC Phil Griffin was not happy that Williams “patronized” Maddow in the broadcast. A source said that Griffin “gave Brian a very stern rebuke, telling him ‘Don’t you ever do that again’.”


Looks like Williams isn’t running the show anymore!

Williams’ anchoring of the April 6 broadcast has been widely panned by critics who not only objected to his perceived intrusion on Maddow’s turf, but also because he repeated his observation that the video footage of the missiles being launched was ‘beautiful.’

‘Not only did Brian go way over the top with his coverage of the missile strike,’ an MSNBC source told Page Six.

‘He then totally patronized Rachel by thanking her for ‘visiting’ her own show and being ‘a part’ of his ‘beautiful’ coverage! Has he not learned anything from ‘Misremember-gate’?’

The Daily Mail

“Misremember-gate” is referring to the statements made by Williams back in 2003 in which he exaggerated claims of coming under fire while reporting from a war zone in Iraq.

He later claimed when the whole controversy blew up in 2015, that he “misremembered” certain details of his experience, but many didn’t buy it.

All of this lead to his forced removal from the nightly news broadcast and a six-month suspension.

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