RUBIO PREDICTS: 70% of Republicans WON’T Vote for Trump

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.02.28 AMDo you think Rubio’s small win in South Carolina is getting to his head?

Marco Rubio thinks the math actually adds up in his favor, as he explained this morning on Face the Nation how he could still win the nomination without coming in first in any primary contest thus far.

Donald Trump, who ran away with South Carolina last night, generally gets around 30 percent of Republican support, according to Rubio.

‘And then you have 70 percent of the Republican electorate that says, ‘We’re not voting for him.’ But they’ve divided up among five or seven people,’ Rubio explained.

With Jeb Bush out, Ben Carson in single-digits and John Kasich focusing on Michigan instead of a wide-scale national campaign, Rubio suggested the race was really just down to three people: himself, Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz.

‘So as that five or seven people continues to narrow down, I think it’s going make the race clearer and clearer,’ Rubio said.

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