RUGER’S RADICAL BULLET DESIGN: Is Making it’s Mark in Self-Defense Ammo Market

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.00.13 AMGun experts, what do you think?

Sitting at the very top of my “to shoot” box are 250 rounds of an intriguing and radical new self-defense bullet design. The polymer-copper rounds from Polycase are a head turner… and is impressive enough on paper and in ballistics gel that firearms industry giant Ruger is introducing their own line of ARX self-defense ammunition:

The companies say Ruger ARX “changes everything you know about ammo,” and “is a revolutionary step forward in self-defense.”

Ruger said in a news release Wednesday that the copper and polymer bullet’s lighter weight and design “allows it to feed like a round nose, yet still transfer energy to targets effectively over a wide range of bullet velocities.”

“The ARX penetrates many barriers without deformation, and penetrates through clothing without clogging and degrading terminal performance. It offers maximum force to target and fast, repeated target acquisition.”

The ammo is available in a 20-round box for a .45-caliber handgun and a 25-round box for a .380-caliber pistol

Michael Fifer, Ruger’s chief executive, said “matching up the Ruger brand with cutting-edge PolyCase bullet technology seemed a perfect fit.”

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