SADISTIC: Man Tries Burying Daughter Alive, Police Come to her Rescue

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India is a place where a grandmother could possibly chain her granddaughter to the front porch, and sell her for sex. This society needs a lot of fixing; even more so, the girls need a lot of rescuing!

Neighbours alerted the police after they saw Abul Hussain trying to bury his daughter in a pit on Friday in the backyard of his residence in Putia village in Sipahijala district, local police official Uttam Bhaumick said over the phone.

“The neighbour said Abul Hussain tied the girl’s hands, taped her mouth and buried her till her neck,” Bhaumick said.

Many Indian families consider girls as economic burdens and sons as breadwinners, which leads to abortions of female foetuses or discrimination against girls by denying them access to education.

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