#SANBERNARDINO TERRORIST COUPLE: Receive Respectable Funeral Guarded by the FBI

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.35.33 AMI’m sure the families of the 14 Americans slaughtered by this couple really appreciated this kind gesture…

San Bernadino killers Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik have been buried in a traditional Islamic funeral guarded by FBI agents.

About ten people attended the funeral of the couple, who opened fire on a San Bernadino holiday party on December 2, killing 14 and injuring 22.

It had been thought 29-year-old Malik may have to be cremated – a practice strictly forbidden by Islamic law – because nobody had wanted to claim her body.

It is not known who claimed the body in the end but it may have been Farook’s family.

The burial had been further delayed because it had taken a week to find a cemetery willing to accept the bodies of U.S.-born Farook, 28, and his Pakistani-born wife Malik.

A funeral-goer, who refused to be named, said the husband and wife were buried in a cemetery far from San Bernardino, because a closer facility refused to take the bodies.

Neither source would say which cemetery had agreed to bury the couple, but a woman at the Islamic Cemetery & Masjid in Adelanto, California – less than an hour from San Bernardino – confirmed it was among those that had refused to bury the bodies, in part out of a fear of backlash, but also for ‘other reasons’. She declined to give her name.

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