Satire with Sepp: University Graduates First Class of Summa Lov Cum Adult Entertainers

aeaePROVIDENCE, RI – “If you do something you love, you will never work another day in your life.” Said sexual education professor Nikki Nova in her new office at Brown University.  A former professional entertainer herself, Nova realized that many more young people in today’s culture are prime candidates for the porn industry than when she entered the business.

“In today’s hook-up culture, young teens and adults are more comfortable then ever before with screwing as many people as possible and letting all their friends know about it – particularly at universities”, said Nova.  “This qualifies them as perfect suitors for the well known, dynamic, and growing adult entertainment industry.
Brown University’s Dean James Campbell appointed Nova to her professorship after a short meeting where Nova demonstrated her ability to teach the courses “Body Language in Film” and “Foreplay 101”.  “In less than 2 minutes I felt she was perfect for the job.  By showing me her wealth of knowledge and practical experience, I saw that she could perform many positions and the opening would be a perfect fit”, reported Campbell.

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