Savage: Dude Delivers Message to Nancy Pelosi in Person that Makes Her Wince [Video]

We don’t know who the man is behind the voice, but he is a conservative hero.

Nancy Pelosi seems to have been exiting a building with her entourage of armed security guards and staffers, along with a swarm of media people. In the chaos and confusion, the man behind the camera shouts out ‘Nancy!’

Extending his hand for her to shake, she thinks she is greeting a fan. But what she didn’t realize is she is shaking hands with a critic.

As soon as she was close enough he said in a lower tone, ‘Uh, prison time is coming soon. Be ready. Donald Trump!’

Her immediate response was to wince with a smile and kind of laugh. Getting the hell-outta-dodge the man screamed after her, ‘not much time left! Bad news for you.’

It isn’t certain when the footage was originally recorded, but Instagram user the_typical_liberal recently shared it and it is still a classic. The thought of Nancy Pelosi or any of the other corrupt Democrats going to jail will ever be old news.

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