SCANDALOUS: This Conservative FAVORITE Called A Needy Woman A ‘DOG’

Check out Doug Giles’ latest column. It’s bound to ruffle a few feathers.

A lot has been made of Trump’s brutal “Trumpisms” that he’s verbally branded the GOP boys’ backsides with during this tumultuous primary season.  

Some of Donald’s digs are hilarious.  

A couple of them are indefensible.  

Many of my evangelical readers think the faithful are insane for supporting someone who uses the vulgarities Trump has used on a regular basis.  

As an evangelical, who’s more of a #NeverHillary guy than I am a #NeverTrump or #NeverCruz dude, I don’t really give two flips about 90% of The Donald’s offensive jabs.  

Politics ain’t hopscotch, folks, so … I expected rough language and labels, especially from someone who’s not been gelded by the cowgirl John Boehner and the Spandau Ballet of The GOP.  

However, Trump crossed a line and lost any future support from me should it ever get down to him and Hillary.  

It’s been reported that Donald has officially gone over to the darkside when he unleashed these very uncalled for invectives upon a non-American woman who was merely asking for his help and a group of liberal Jews.  

In case you missed it, Trump has now called a needy foreign born woman a “dog” and blasted a group of liberal Jews as “whores” who love “donkeys penises”.   

Enough is enough, folks.  

What kind of misogynist jackass calls an unfortunate, female foreigner, who’s merely seeking some temporal help from a powerful man, a “dog”? 

Secondly, who would stoop to such an anti-Semitic low and blast a group of liberal Jews with such disgusting language? Hookers? Donkey penises? Really? No matter how much one disagrees with liberal Jews, the aforementioned is uncalled for, at least amongst a civilized people. 

I’m here to tell you, folks, that we should never follow or trust a person (especially a President) who uses that kind of language. It’s revolting. It sets a poor example for the kiddos. And it takes people down a cultural path of degradation that every nation should fear to tread.  

Trump’s latest stunt is why we should all formally diss The Donald as our potential leader, because his sick tongue reveals a tawdry, wicked heart.  

Once again, who… who… my dear reader… calls a woman a dog?  

And who… who… calls liberal Jews “whores” who like a “donkey’s” you-know-what?  

Who does that? 

That it so jacked up.  

#BoycottDonald. #NeverTrump. 

If you think I’m making this stuff up just Google it. 

What’s that, you say?  

You just Googled it and it isn’t true that Trump said those things and the well-known leader on record for famously calling a woman a dog was Jesus in Matthew 15:21-28?!

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