With the Screams of ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’, ISIS Supporters CHEER for London Terror Attack

This was a terror attack. There is no denying it. These sick people have the guts to cheer on death and destruction. They do not stand for a religion of peace. They only stand for war and murder. Time to wipe them out!

ISIS have celebrated the Parliament terror incident calling it the ‘blessed London attack’ posting ‘Allahu Akbar’ alongside horrific photos from the scene.

While ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the attacks, Ahmet Yayla, professor of Criminology and Former Counterterrorism Police Chief in Turkey, is relaying updates from ISIS’ telegram, an encrypted messaging service.

Mr Yayla has reported the ISIS account is: “Cheering for the #Westminster #Westmattack and posted the scheme for the attack. #London #ISIS.”


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