Second Amendment: Do Militias Matter Today?

revolutionary_warThe role of gun ownership has always been emotionally charged, but Sandy Hook’s news has again heightened the rhetoric. This debate has spilled over and has become international.

Anti-gun lobbyists consider the Second Amendment antiquated, asking what militias could protect us from today. The pro-gun side answers: “Tyrants”, citing King George III, Hitler’s Germany, or another event so seemingly distant that the argument seems academic. Even some who want stricter controls might concede the home-defense argument. But they would never want Joe Public armed with the sorts of guns carried by soldiers and police. Are militias relevant today?

Do you think it strange that citizens might be called to grab their gun, and rush to the defense of their community or region against some threat? Why is it strange? Small towns do the same thing with volunteer fire departments. Bankers, plumbers, or gym teachers, all become firemen when there’s a fire raging. You can’t wait for experts to put out the fire, everybody gets involved. That same principle describes a militia.

The relevant Amendment reads: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

This week, I stumbled on a modern, local parallel to this principle. A judge was complaining about a Provincial police force refusing to administer a court order. Reading further, I saw the connection.

Now, I need to proceed carefully. The example I’m citing is complex, and explosive. I could not possibly give the nuanced description that fairness would require. Others can debate…


  • Keith Frey

    I don’t believe the shootings really happened there is to much inconsistency in the stories. The guns used 1st 4 handguns used then a AR type weapon was used to kill them all but that was in the trunk? It’s all a big gun grab to get you disarmed and do what they want. Look for yourself the footage no ambulances, parents not shedding a tear. Accounts set up for help relief before the shooting. All the times are off of the event who were the other 2 that were apprehended then weren’t talked about again it’s on tape showing cops chasing behind the school and arresting someone. Your being mislead people wake up.

  • Poppy

    I think there is even more reason for a citizen militia today than after the Revolution. It would accomplish a few things, namely keep it local with the eye to local protection or mutual protection, it would let neighbors get to know each other better. It would/could provide arms and ammunition and training via the local armory, and still leave your personal weapons unaccounted for, and could provide a rally point for everyone in the case of failed transportation (i.e. EMP)

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I think there are one million M-1’s in Korea that are LAWFULLY OWNED by the People of the United States.

    Those weapons DO NOT belong to the government.

    The RIGHTFUL owners are the Citizens, not government bureaucrats.

    ALL ‘government surplus’, regardless of type BELONGS to the People.

    it’s time for The PEOPLE to begin explaining the facts of the real world to the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

  • Clarence T Sweet

    Hell yes as much as ever “WE THE PEOPLE” need a Militia because this Government is way to BIG and Out of Control. We as a People need to take them out of the white house (Democrats/ Republicans) and start all over again. From Obama down to a lot of the Governors and mayors, Congress and the Senate also. And if they Broke their Oath to the Constitution or the American People then they need to be Executed by Firing Squad.( Obama and Clinton will be right up front) !!!!!

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