SECRET IS OUT: Ranger Women had Lower Standards and Were Given…

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.13.56 AMLadies, there are plenty of ways to serve our country, but this is one field that should be left for the men.

The first two women to graduate from Ranger School have had their elite status questioned amid claims that Army officials vowed to pass at least one of them before the course even started.

Back in January a general is claimed to have told his subordinates that ‘a woman will graduate Ranger School’ this year, as part of the first ever class to include serving female soldiers.

The general, who has not been named, reportedly added: ‘At least one will get through’, according to People.

In August, Capt Shaye Haver and First Lt Kristen Griest became the first two women to graduate from the school, having taken four months to pass all the tests.

According to unnamed sources, quoted by People, the general’s words had a ‘ripple effect’ through the ranks at Fort Benning, where part of the training takes place, leading to the women being given lenient treatment.

People’s sources claim that shortly after the general’s comments were made, the women were sent to a special training camp to prepare them for Ranger School along with some of the men.

However, while the men were given a strict pass-no pass standard to meet, the sources claim that the women were allowed to attempt the course as many times as they liked.

Once that was completed, multiple sources say the female hopefuls were then taken to Fort Benning itself, where they spent several months being given intense preparation for the course.

This phase of training was open only to the women, the sources say, while the men were simply told to report to Ranger School when the training opening in April.

During this preparation period, it is claimed that the women were given nutritional advice, and coached on how to pass the school by star graduate Sergeant First Class Robert Hoffnagle.

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