SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Claims Bill’s Meeting With Loretta Was A ‘Soft Threat’–Typical Clinton Move

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 5.39.30 PMCrisis of Character author and former Secret Service Agent to the Clintons, Gary Byrne, has a few things to say about Bill’s little meeting with Loretta. Check out what he has to say.

By Matthew Boyle

Retired U.S. Secret Service officer Gary Byrne told Breitbart News exclusively that former President Bill Clinton’s secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch was a form of “soft intimidation” he became all too familiar with when he used to stand guard outside Clinton’s Oval Office.

“I know all too well how the Clintons use intimidation – it was often soft intimidation, and other times not so soft – to get their way,” Byrne, the author of the newly released book on the Clintons, said in an email. “They are doing this to Loretta Lynch. They are doing it with my book to keep the mainstream media from covering it. And they will keep abusing their power if they get back into office. These tactics show their crisis of character.”

Earlier this week, on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, Lynch had a secret meeting with Bill Clinton. Since Lynch’s Department of Justice (DOJ), along with the FBI, are investigating Bill’s wife and 2016 presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her home-brew email server which violated State Department guidelines—a criminal investigation—the meeting has sparked widespread concern over whether Lynch is an impartial investigator or politically motivated to clear Hillary Clinton of a potential looming indictment.

Byrne, the ex-Secret Service Officer who for three years stood guard outside the Oval Office and was called on to testify against President Clinton in 1998 as the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal gained steam, is out with a new book this week that details his time inside the Clinton White House and why he is warning America not to send the Clinton family back. His book, Crisis of Character, even includes an excerpt previously unreported by the media that shows Bill Clinton engaging in the exact same type of “soft intimidation” against one of his Secret Service colleagues who also testified against the president. Throughout his book, Byrne reveals how Hillary Clinton regularly has fits of rage in which she throws objects – and obscenity laced insults – at anyone in her way.

Specifically on this topic, Byrne writes about how he was talking with a fellow Secret Service officer who still worked in the White House — Byrne had transferred offsite — who had just testified against Bill Clinton, like him. Clinton, right after his colleague’s testimony, engaged in small talk with him— to whom the president had never spoken before.

Read this excerpt from Byrne’s blockbuster book:

Not long after my video deposition, I was talking to a Secret Service colleague who worked the West Wing Lobby. He had just resumed his shift after returning from his own testimony. The president had just visited him. That was extremely suspicious—my associate was spooked.

‘He just came out and came straight up to me like—like he was looking for me. Yeah, and he asked how I was by name. We chatted—like small talk—like normal. And then he asked how my wife and kids were. . . . We’ve never actually talked before.’

Nothing about that was normal. It was obviously a subtle form of intimidation. The president was sending a message that he knew of the officer’s recent testimony—and perhaps was sending an even more sinister message. I certainly was glad to be at JJRTC, away from them. It was all so wild, so bizarre. Prior to that, the president didn’t seem to know my fellow officer by name. Someone—most likely the president’s attorneys—advised him to make small talk immediately after the officer testified. The president’s little ‘hint’ spooked both of us. It confirmed to me what I suspected: That was indeed how they operated.

It was reminiscent of the stories we had heard of some of the women who alleged that the president, while governor, had either raped or sexually assaulted them. In one of the stories Mrs. Clinton had homed in on the alleged victim, despite having never met her beforehand, just as the president zeroed in on the West Wing Lobby officer.

Byrne’s book has shot to the top of Amazon sales as The Drudge Report has heavily featured it throughout the weeks leading up to its release. The Clintons have been working overtime to try to silence Officer Byrne, and when they couldn’t they have tried to suppress media coverage of the revelations in his book. Even though top Clinton White House officials have confirmed Byrne was an honorable officer, the Clinton machine has been working to pressure television networks into ignoring the news and helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign by not reporting on the details contained within Byrne’s bombshell book. The Clinton team has even dispatched media hit man David Brock’s Media Matters for America to try to “discredit” the book, but the largely politically motivated screed the pro-Clinton website posted failed to do that.

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