SERBIAN MIGRANT ON THE RUN: After He Raped German Girl and Left her Naked in the Cold

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.11.31 AMDenis Masser is a Serbian migrant who has been accused of gang-raping a 14-year-old German school girl. A man hunt is underway. Should German officials shoot the man on first sight?

This is the Serbian teenager German police are hunting after he went on the run from a youth detention centre – having been accused of taking part in the gang rape of a German schoolgirl.

Dennis Masser, 14, is one of the five alleged attackers accused of being involved in the attack on the girl, also aged 14, in the Harburg area of Hamburg.

Police named him and published his photograph after they were unable to locate him when he went on the run.

The alleged victim had been invited by another girl ,aged 15, back to a property where four boys were waiting, according to local reports.

Although nervous about going, it is said that she agreed because she felt safe because there was another girl in the group.

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