Sex Offender Creep Tries to Meet with Teen to Have Sex, Comes Face-to-Face With Her Daddy’s GUN Instead

This freak is getting what he deserves and more. He’s lucky this girls dad didn’t shoot him!

Convicted sex offender Justin Kyle Phelps, 26, faces multiple charges including felony solicitation of a minor when he tried to sneak into a 13-year-old’s bedroom. Instead of a girl, though, he found a gun in his face.

The girl’s father had pretended to be his daughter online and arranged a date on Facebook. Police say this wasn’t the first time Phelps had climbed into the girl’s bedroom.

WGN TV reports:

The girl’s father, pretending to be his daughter, arranged a date on Facebook, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel. Phelps allegedly showed up at the 13-year-old’s bedroom window earlier in March to find the girl’s father holding a gun and ran, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the paper.

According to the court document, in December of 2016, Phelps initially pretended to be a 13-year-old girl named Vicky and sent the man’s daughter a friend request. Phelps allegedly bonded with the girl over modeling before escalating to conversations about sex, and eventually tried to set up an encounter.

An investigation is ongoing after police found possible evidence on Phelps’ phone of other victims.

Phelps was found guilty in 2011 of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor. Between these incidents, plus the evidence leading to more possible victims, we hope this guy doesn’t see the outside of a jail cell for a very long time.

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