SHERIFF CLARKE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS: Predicts What Will Happen Now After SCOTUS Ruling

SheriffGet ready, folks.

Last week’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision declaring same-sex marriage to be a constitutionally protected right in all 50 states is setting up battle lines across the country, with many church leaders and some state officials indicating they will stand firm in protecting the religious liberty of those who find the high court’s decision morally offensive.

There’s even a high-profile law enforcement figure who has taken to social media with a warning about the “cultural rot” associated with the court’s declaration that gay marriage is legal across the country, despite what individual states and their residents might say. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, well known and highly regarded in conservative circles, made a bold and provocative prediction on his Twitter feed over the weekend, saying that today’s anger over the Supreme Court decision will turn to rage, then revolt.


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