Sheriff David Clark Unleashes ‘ASS KICKING’ on Milwaukee Rioters

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.40.41 AMSheriff Clark is a man not to be messed with, especially when it comes to #BLM protests. He is publicly known as a strong opposer of their whole organization, so when they came to his hometown… it was time to unleash the fury and stop their looting/rioting.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has requested the National Guard be called in to quell the violent riots in his city.

“We cannot allow for a repeat of what happened last night. I am going to utilize all available resources to accomplish that,” the sheriff, famous for his no-nonsense approach to fighting crime, said in a press release.

Riots, looting and criminal activity broke out in Milwaukee on Saturday night after a 23-year-old black man with a long criminal history, and armed with a stolen gun he wouldn’t let go of, was shot and killed by police, WISN reported.

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