SHOCKING: Flood of Veterans Sites DESECRATED This Memorial Day Weekend

memorialsWhat do you think, just a lot of drunk idiots who don’t care about anything or are these vandals some sort of protesters? Either way, this is a disgrace to our veterans and all they have done for this country.

Memorials to veterans in a Los Angeles neighborhood and a town in Kentucky, as well as a Civil War veterans cemetery in Virginia, were damaged as the nation prepares to mark Memorial Day, officials said.

A Vietnam War memorial in the Venice area of Los Angeles has been extensively defaced by graffiti. 

The vandalism occurred sometime during the past week, KCAL/KCBS-TV reported.

The homespun memorial painted on a block-long wall on Pacific Avenue lists the names of American service members missing in action or otherwise unaccounted for in Southeast Asia.

News of the vandalism came as another veterans-related memorial was reported damaged in Henderson, Kentucky.

Police say a Memorial Day cross display there that honors the names of 5,000 veterans of conflicts dating back to the Revolutionary War has been damaged by a driver who plowed through the crosses early Saturday.

 Anthony Burrus, 27, was arrested in connection with the incident that took place early on Saturday morning.. Roughly 160 crosses were knocked down and about 20 were destroyed.

The vehicle Burrus was driving, a 1979 Ford Thunderbird, was found with pieces of a cross and ground stake embedded in the tires.

A large number of tips, Facebook posts, and vehicle searches helped officers make the connection and arrest Burrus.

Police said earlier on Saturday that the damage appeared to be deliberate because the driver had to jump the curb to get to the display.

‘For somebody to do this to a veteran who gave his life, I don’t understand. I don’t have any words. I’m speechless,’ Jim Hanley, a member of the Legion, said to The Gleaner.

Family members arrived to see if any of the crosses that bear the names of their relatives were damaged. Some arrived and were relieved to find certain crosses unharmed, while others were brought to tears by the damage.

Jennifer Richmond, a spokesman for the Henderson Police Department, said the community is devastated and working frantically to repair and replace the crosses that were put on display for a Memorial Day ceremony in Central Park.

UNBELIEVABLE: Vandals DESTROY Memorial Day Display–Community Responds by…

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