SHOCKING: Man Claims Hillary FORCIBLY KISSED Him While Singing Love Songs to Him on a Flight in ’79

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-6-49-25-pmWhile there is no way to confirm these allegations, they are about as credible as the ones against Trump. No one in the MSM will report this. Even if it slips out, she’s going to deny, deny, deny.

By Doug Giles

Dave Grigger, a grave digger from Lazbuddie, Texas has made the shocking claim that Hillary Clinton forced herself on him during an airplane flight from Austin to Lubbock, Texas in 1979.

Grigger told the Lazbuddie Herald, ‘Yeah man… I was just sitting there cleaning my fingernails … drinking a Coors Light … and then, BOOM! She was on me like stink on a monkey. Tryin’ to kiss me, licking her lips, and singin’ ol’ Marvin Gaye’s song, Sexual Healing! And She smelt like sardines and Caress bath soap. I’ll never forget that smell!’

Grigger went on to say he was, ‘traumaticized for life’ but he hasn’t said anything until now because ‘he doesn’t want Hillary becoming President and what not.’

There are no witnesses to Mr. Grigger’s story but he earnestly told the Lazbuddie Herald that, ‘He’s swears to baby Jesus it’s true.’

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