Showing a Photo ID to Vote is Racist?

voter idIf showing a photo ID to vote is racist, then why are most minorities for it? Furthermore, if it is racist to ask for photo ID to vote, than is it also racist to ask for a photo ID when:

getting a drivers license

registering a vehicle (license plates)

picking up subscription medication

purchasing tobacco


spray paint





going to see an x rated movie

getting a building permit

renting a house, apartment, car, boat…

applying for college

library card

post office box

signing up for welfare

food stamps

entering a boarder check point

getting a passport

jury duty

filing a job application

boarding an airplane

writing a check

cashing a check

opening a bank account

withdrawing from a bank account

applying for a bank loan

applying for a credit-card

using a credit card

going onto a military base

entering a courthouse or other government facility

entering the white house (those guys must be REALLY racist there)

going into a nightclub

being admitted to a hospital

getting a marriage license

entering the Democratic National Convention…

Laws to encourage black voter registration may have been needed when the black voter registration percentage was in the single digits. Today, with many precincts exceeding 100% (say what?), the time for these laws has passed.

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