‘Simple Jack’: Gunsmith Builds ‘Terminator’ Inspired Firearm

I would like to see this thing fire off some rounds! Crazy.

Marked with the Cyberdyne logo and fully equipped with a cooling system, backpack battery system, and display panel, this firearm by Georgia gunsmith Len Savage bears little resemblance to any real-life gun. That, of course, was the plan. Savage, the owner of Historic Arms LLC in Franklin, based his gun off the plasma weapons used by futuristic robots in the Terminator Series.

According to Examiner columnist David Codrea, it is called the “Cyberdyne Systems 1919A-10 Man-Portable Modular Weapon System,” or “Simple Jack” for short. The name is a nod to the fictional corporation that created the sentient computer Skynet, which sets the events of the Terminator series into motion.

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