SNL Writer Tweets this DISGUSTING Comment About Barron Trump, Internet Jumps to His Defense

He is a kid! He’s TEN! Kids, even the most well behaved ones, get fidgety, make wired faced and just get bored after awhile. He was in a suit all day, it was a very long day for him, and let’s face it, yesterday was awesome for us but probably got really boring for kids.

How come no one ever commented on Obama’s children this way? There were quite a few pictures out there of them looking bored.

These people in the entertainment industry think they are all that and can say whatever they want but that’s not true. Thanks to the internet, these people get put in their place.

The country had a chance to see lots of Barron during his father’s inauguration. NBC’s Saturday Night Live writer apparently didn’t feel Barron made a good impression. In a tweet now deleted, here’s what she posted:

That post sent shockwaves throughout the Internet, with many people calling for the writer’s firing while others called for her Twitter account to be blocked:

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