SNOWFLAKES FOR HIRE: Far Left Group, Demand Protest, is PAYING People to ‘Stop Trump’ with Monthly Salary


This is the left’s strategy. Get the unemployed people (whom Obama ensured didn’t have jobs) out and on the streets making money by rioting and causing havoc. Notice how ever left wing protest, their people are getting paid to do it… AKA these people could careless about the cause and more about the paycheck.

A far left group Demand Protest is paying $2,500 a month for “activists” to stop Trump.

4Chan users say Demand Protest is linked to Soros but there is no way of knowing from their website. It is hard to tell if they are associated with Soros but considering all of the violent protest movements are Soros funded, #BlackLivesMatter and #Occupy, it is a safe bet that Soros is also funding this radical leftist group.


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