Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.27.23 just published this absurd article. E-mail them and explain why they’re encouraging violence.

In what will go down as one of the most disgusting, hate filled articles ever published on the hard left clickbait rag, an author and liberal college professor has written a piece that calls for all gun owners to be shot.

No, you did not read that incorrectly and this is not hyperbole.

The article, written by Coppin State University teacher D. Watkins, not only calls for all gun owners to be shot but also ridiculously compares them to slaveholders while claiming that there is no legitimate reason to own a weapon.

Starting out the article with the writers dreams of charging five thousand dollars per bullet, Watkins then makes his position on gun ownership in America startlingly clear.

Rock was definitely on point, $5000 bullets would be great but I’d take it a step further––I believe that being shot should be requirement for gun ownership in America. It’s very simple. You need to have gun, like taking selfies with pistols, can’t live with out it? Then take a bullet and you will be granted the right to purchase the firearm of your choice.

If we could successfully implement this rule, I guarantee the mass shootings will stop. Watching cable news now in days makes me physically ill.

Week in and week out we are forced to learn about another coward, who can’t stand to deal with the same rejection that most of us face–– so they strap themselves with guns and then cock and spray at innocent people. Heartbroken survivors and family member images go viral, as our elected officials remain clueless.

He then goes on to attack the usual right wing boogeyman (Carson and Trump) before making yet another patently false statement that shows his complete ignorance on the actual facts of gun ownership. Watkins, like so many other clueless authoritarian liberals, simply does not understand gun ownership and its connection to freedom and liberty.

Bullets are extremely hot and they hurt. I saw them paralyze, cut through faces, pierce children and take life. I have friends, relatives and loved ones be gunned down. Guns break apart families and ruin lives.

Other than giving a coward the heart to stand tall, what’s the positive part of gun ownership? Other than the people in rural areas who use them to hunt for food, I have only seen them destroy, both in the suburbs and in our inner cities.

Watkins only sees them destroy so the millions and millions of other American citizens who do not share his opinion should be shot!? It’s almost as if Watkins has decided to lift the veil and publish a piece chalked full of the actual thoughts that liberal authoritarians share with each other on a regular basis.

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