Sourtoe Cocktail: Key Ingredient is a Human Severed Toe

sourtoe cocktailSince 1973, the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada has been serving up a specialty drink known as the Sourtoe Cocktail, which is defined as any drink or shot chosen by a patron but with one unifying ingredient: a severed human toe.

According to hotel staffers, the Sourtoe Cocktail has been sampled by over 60,000 since its inception.

Those who try it immediately become members of an elite group called the Sourtoe Cocktail Club. Membership is $10 but that’s only if you adhere to the following: “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow — but the lips have gotta touch the toe.”

It all started when riverboat Capt. Dick Stevenson was rummaging through a cabin in the Dawson City area. He came across a toe being preserved in a jar of moonshine. Word around town was that the toe had been preserved in the alcohol since the 1920s, when guys in the area were running moonshine by bobsled. Their toes would freeze in the winter weather conditions, and it was easier just to cut off the frozen toe than find help.

12 toes have been used by the Downtown Hotel in the past 40 years. The first was swallowed by…

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