SPAWN OF SATAN: Three Year Old Tries Strangling her Mother With Seatbelt

the-exorcist_73209That child has got some demons. Yikes!

A Florida state trooper rescued a 37-year-old woman from choking on a seatbelt that was placed around her neck by her 3-year-old daughter.

The Florida Highway Patrol reported Brad Wagner was frantically flagged down on a state highway and was asked to help a woman who was choking on the safety device after it locked around her neck Thursday, according to TV Station WTSP.

The woman, her husband and daughter were returning home after having Thanksgiving dinner with their family.

The couple’s daughter refused to sit in the child seat and placed the seatbelt around her mother.

It then began entangled around her throat and she began to choke, police said.

The husband tried to remove it but it only resulted in the device tightening around her.

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