SPRING BREAK HORRORS: Cops on the Search for Naked Female ‘Who May Be in Danger’ after Seen Trying to Flee Group of Guys

What not to do on spring break. I hope they find her clothed and unharmed.

Photos of a naked, young woman at Spring Break, enclosed in a group of raucous male party-goers, has left authorities fearing for her safety.

Police were searching for the woman who was wearing only sunglasses and colorful necklaces in images shared on social media last week.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida have not been able to identify the girl and there was not enough background detail in the photographs to pinpoint her location.

A spokeswoman told Daily Mail Online on Friday that authorities were trying to locate the young woman because she appeared very young and they were not sure what was happening in the photos was consensual.

‘We want to make sure she is OK, check her well-being and make sure the pictures were consensual,’ a sheriff’s spokeswoman told The Orlando Sentinel earlier this week.

‘We aren’t trying to get her into trouble. We want to make sure she isn’t in trouble.’

Panama City Beach in Bay County is the country’s top destination for students on Spring Break, exploding the 12,000-strong community to 100,000 over four weeks.

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