Storm of ‘Biblical’ Proportions Interferes with ISIS and Israeli Conflict

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-9-41-42-pmHAHAHA, good. Maybe these Allah-worshiping thugs will take this as a sign that what they are doing is WRONG! That would be nice. But knowing them, they will twist it to fit their agenda.

Claims are being made that a biblical storm cloud of dust and rain was ‘sent by God’ to act as a barrier between Israel and ISIS .

The huge storm allegedly stopped on the border of Syria, and was ‘unable’ to enter Israel’s Golan Heights region.

Footage of the strange weather phenomenon was uploaded to Facebook by Israel News Online.

They claimed that the storm was an act of God, or ‘divine intervention’ to protect Israelis from the notorious terror group.

It is believed that the storm occurred last Thursday, December 1, at around 8am.

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