HOW STUPID IS HE? Journalist Ali Abunimah Calls Recent Terror Attack a ‘ROAD ACCIDENT’

Ali Abunimah is a Palestinian American journalist. And we are just going to show you what he said. Because it is too crazy to comment on before you see it.




So this truck just happened to hit this group of people (killing 4 mind you) that just happen to be soldiers? This has to be the strangest ‘car accident’ because not only was this group targeted but the driver rammed into people, TWICE. Yeah, that’s how most accidents happen right?

We suggest Abunimah look at some news articles.

Or these tweets. There are Palestinians who are celebrating this!

Well, just look at what Abunimah has said about this.


So it’s Israel’s fault? Is this guy serious?


Someone is just a little full of himself.


H/T: Twitchy

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