Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Idiot Teen Pees in Portland’s Water Supply, Contaminating 38 Million Gallons of Drinking Water

idiot teenPortland has been forced to flush away millions of gallons of purified water after a 19-year-old peed in a city reservoir.

The kid was videotaped in the act, the Huffington Post reports, which occurred yesterday in a reservoir containing 38 million gallons of water that had been purified, ready for distribution to local water mains.

The water probably wasn’t contaminated since animals apparently pee in it all the time without causing a health crisis but Portland Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff doesn’t want to take any chances.

“The reality is our customers don’t anticipate drinking water that’s been contaminated by some yahoo who decided to pee into a reservoir,” he told HuffPost.

The water will be drained into Portland’s sewage system where it will eventually find its way into the Columbia River.

But Shaff isn’t too concerned about wasting all that water, a loss that can be made up for in no time.

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