Suck It Globalists! Trump Refuses to Wear G-20 Lapel Pin

During a group photo of the head statesmen and their spouses, one thing was very obvious.

All the world leaders were wearing the G20 lapel pin except our president.

Donald Trump has stated he would put America first.

That he promises to restore our country to its greatness and it seems this little act of defiance is a big sign he plans to keep his word.

“America First will be our credo!” – DJT

“The American people elected me President of Pittsburg, not of Paris.” – DJT

Trump’s apparent challenge to the G20 status quo is a small one, but to his followers a deeply symbolic one.

His whole election campaign was based around rejecting the ties to other countries that had been developed by successive Republican and Democrat administrations.

They included promising to throw out international trade deals that he said were bad for America – such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership – and levying heavy taxes on goods manufactured in Mexico.

He has also gone his own way with climate change, withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement to the disquiet of many other international leaders.

To that end, it would make sense for him to wear the American flag on his chest, and not the G20 logo.

Particularly as that logo is of a reef knot that – according to the G20 website – represents ‘interconnectedness’.

Daily Mail

As you can imagine, this was a major fan favorite for the president’s supporters.

Twitter went nuts over this.

Here are a few of the comments…

Twitter user lb fowler jr md wrote: ‘Trump refuses to wear G20 pin – opts for American flag which trumps lol any globalism symbol!’

ActuallyArlie: ‘I’m absolutely devoted to Trump and his mission… which is our mission. A simple thing like the flag pin speaks volumes.’

Mary Baker gushed ‘GREAT AGAIN,’ adding ‘WAY TO GO MR PRESIDENT.’

President Obama did the same thing in 2016, however his omission to not wear the pin was missed, which could be due to Barry’s support of globalism.


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