SURGE: Gays, Lesbians Flock to Gun Stores

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.54.43 AMEvery time there is a mass shooting our politicians respond by asking for more gun-control. Compare that to the people’s immediate response. They flock to gun stores. Does Obama and Hillary really want to leave the LGBT community unarmed and defenseless? Now, that’s a PC conundrum for the liberal left.

Gun sales are surging in the wake of Sunday’s deadly mass shooting in Orlando, Fla. The tragedy is generating new debate over gun control reform and the right to bear arms.

Gun shops typically see a spike in customers after mass shootings. But this time, many are seeing shoppers they’ve never really seen before: More gays and lesbians.

George Horne, the owner of The Gun Room, Denver’s oldest firearms dealer, said Tuesday business is booming at his store.

“For this time of year I’d say its three to four times what we normally have,” he said.

Background checks that once took minutes can now take hours. It’s a sales surge similar to what happened after Sandy Hook and the Aurora theater shootings.

“We’re not surprised by it,” Horne said.

However, what’s different this time around is the clientele. Mike Smith, a firearms instructor in Colorado Springs, is one of many closely tracking the sudden surge in gays and lesbians buying weapons.

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