Swank Meth Lab: Authorities Raid Million Dollar Meth Lab in Lake Front Mansion

Screenshot 2014-04-20 at 9.05.38 AMOhio police have arrested the owner of a luxurious lakeside home in which the makings of a sophisticated  methamphetamine lab were discovered Wednesday night.

Inside the home, police found equipment and chemicals for a ‘thionyl/chloride method’ lab, the first of its kind to be found in Ohio.

Madhu Dutta, 51, was arrested Thursday at 3675 East Lake Road in Sheffield Lake for possessing the chemicals and equipment for making methamphetamine.

Officers had been investigating suspicious activity at the house since August 2013, but new information prompted them to obtain a warrant to search the home. 

Also discovered on the property were three handguns, 11 shotguns and a large quantity of ammunition, reports Fox 8.

Chief Deputy Dennis Cavanaugh said that while the lab wasn’t fully functioning, Dutta was in possession of enough chemicals and equipment to warrant the charges, reports WKYC.

The thionyl method is unique, Cavanaugh said, because of ‘the type of system, the chemicals being used, the specific type of equipment, and you have to have some knowledge or ability to be able to do this.’

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