I TAKE IT BACK: Pharrell Backs off His ‘Bully’ Comments on Michael Brown, Now Claims he was ‘Murdered’

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Looks like someone’s fan base didn’t appreciate his comments.

Pharrell Williams said that ‘everyone is heartbroken’ there was no grand jury indictment of a white cop over the fatal shooting of a black, unarmed teenager Michael Brown, a week after the musician sparked a heated debate by calling the victim’s behavior ‘bully-ish’.

The singer said in an interview late on Monday that his perspective on the case hasn’t changed since the shooting in August.

‘My feelings have been the same since that boy was murdered,’ Williams said backstage at The Voice in Los Angeles, where he’s a coach. ‘Everyone is heartbroken. It’s another teen, unarmed teen gunned down.’

The ‘Happy’ hitmaker has been among the most high-profile recording artists to weigh in on the death of 18-year-old Brown in Ferguson and the racially charged aftermath, in a recently published Ebony magazine interview and elsewhere.

Before he was shot dead, Brown was caught on surveillance camera stealing a handful of cigarillos from a convenience store in Ferguson, Missouri, and intimidating the shop owner.

While Pharrell said that there was no excuse for Officer Darren Wilson to use lethal force against the unarmed teen, he thinks Brown’s actions were overlooked in the national discussion about the tragedy.

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