TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM: Hillary’s Top Aides Could be Indicted

If all goes well, so will Hillary.

Judge Andrew Napolitano gave us his take this morning on the newest revelations in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

In recent weeks, Fox News has reported that on her private email server, Clinton had information that was even more sensitive than those with the “top secret” classification.

In a new exclusive, Catherine Herridge and Pam Browne reported that at least a dozen email accounts handled the “top secret” intelligence that was recently deemed too damaging for national security to be released.

The official said the accounts include not only Clinton’s but those of top aides – including Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan and Philippe Reines – as well as State Department Under Secretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy and others.  There is no public evidence they were authorized to receive the intelligence some of which was beyond Top Secret.

A second source not authorized to speak on the record said the number of accounts involved could be as high as 30 and reflects how the intelligence was broadly shared, replied to, and copied to individuals using the unsecured server.

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