Talking Tina: Mystery of Freaky Porcelain Dolls Left on Doorsteps has a Happy Ending

Editor’s Note: It’s understandable that families were concerned about dolls that looked like their girls were randomly showing up at their houses. Thankfully the problem wasn’t a creepy obsessed kidnapper or evil children’s toy.

Investigators in California say they’ve solved a strange case involving porcelain dolls being left on the doorsteps of girls to whom they hold an eerie resemblance.

At least eight families received the dolls in the Talega community of San Clemente, with all of the girls targeted around 10 years old.

Families began filing police reports about the dolls as early as June 16. Initially, police didn’t have a crime to investigate. But as the mystery grew, and as the families learned of the other dolls, authorities began examining the dolls and meeting with the affected families, trying to find patterns.

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