TED CRUZ: Newest Immigration Ad is Putting Many Liberals’ Panties in a Knot [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.25.12 AMThank you, Ted Cruz, for having some originality finally brought to the presidential race!

Most immigration ads from Republican presidential candidates focus on border security and little else. Think “build the danged fence” from John McCain in 2008.

A new ad from Ted Cruz, though, takes a different tack — and does so in a matter that is sure to grab attention.

The ad features men and women in business attire — think suits and ties, dress shoes — streaming across the border. It features Cruz asking whether the immigration debate would be the same if white-collar professionals like lawyers, bankers and journalists were coming across the border, taking these Americans’ jobs and depressing wages.

Read more: The Washington Post

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