• Aaron

    I hope they use the meat in homeless shelters make sausage and ham and what not. I am sure Nugent would have the money to do that. I really don’t like the idea of shooting them from the air. they are missing a good chance to show urban youngsters they joy of hunting. There are just some things I don’t like about this story. But understand the need.

    • Lever Gun will Travel

      Why would it be the Nuge’s responsibility to dress and serve them? Are you trying to say he has too much money? More than he deserves?

      How about this. If you’re hungry go shoot your own damn hog.

      • Aaron

        A slothful man roasteth not what he takes in hunting. I just don’t believe in waste. Make as much money as you can it is one of the freedoms we enjoy in America. I don’t believe in redistributing wealth. But I do believe in helping those who help themselves, and those who are not able to help themselves. Feral hogs are a nuisance, control them. But maybe just maybe if it didn’t cost $500 to hunt one someone’s land. They problem may not be as bad as it is. Maybe some urban youth could learn an important lesson in life if allowed to go on a controlled hunt. That was my point.

    • Steve Thomas

      Why don’t you volunteer to work on Ted’s ground crew. They follow Ted around and pick up the hogs for processing. I would still carry my own gun though.

    • ElderAmbassador

      Unfortunately, in some jurisdictions Judges have ruled that no meat may be served to homeless, orphans, vet homes and hospitals, and any other such group UNLESS it has been inspected and approved by the FDA. So the meat is buried.

    • Nannette Morgan

      I for one, disagree with the maiming and mutilating of any innocent animal. I know you all want to shoot things, that s fine as long as you are not terrifying and/or mutilating an animal. These feral pigs should be fed birth control. If you are going to kill them, do it humanely. A bullet rarely always ensures an immediate death, nor a quick death either. Sorry, I know my thoughts don t belong on this page. I usually agree with GJWHG. But this one makes me sick! Would you shoot your dog?

      • Rocky

        These are not PETS, nor are they domestic animals! They don’t just tear up ground. They are opportunistic feeders; they destroy our populations of upland (ground-nesting) birds like quail. They are so over-populated that they are coming into neighborhoods and tearing up people’s YARDS. If they can get hold of your dog or cat they’ll eat them, too. They are not cute little fuzzy friendly animals you can hug up to–they’ll slash YOU open with their tusks!

        PLUS…they are damn tasty!

      • JRJ21

        How do you know?Ever hunted?A rifle is good medicine for wild hogs.They go down and die quickly,it’s not like Ted doesn’t know his guns and what ammo is good to go.

    • Rattlerjake

      Even though hunting a nice boar is fun, trapping is so much more efficient. http://youtu.be/QFUNXKATbJg

    • Aaron

      Also if you saw the walls in my home you would notice, we do kill our own meat.

    • JRJ21

      It’s a culling hunt,not sport,the most efficent way is by copter.

  • CaptTurbo

    I think this is a great idea! they can donate the meat to mosques around the country to help those peaceful folks learn to eat healthy. ;)

    • runnindeer

      If you ask A Muslim why they don’t eat pork they say’ it is the closest thing to human meat.’ I have to wonder how they came to that conclusion? They didn’t eat pork for way longer than people knew that pig valve can substitute for human during surgery.

      • just a girl

        I would bet the entire farm they just say this NOW.. but Islam was founded well after Judaism. Mohammed was very familiar with Jews and Christianity at that time. The Torah had all the rules in it already about no Pork. Mohammed just mish-mashed a bunch of stuff from around him into Islam. That is all.

        • Douglas Moore

          Actually, Mo wanted to create a religion so he could stop the fighting between the tribes. He had observed the Christians and how peaceful they were and he actually asked them to help him incorporate or mix Christianity, Judaism and his ideas into his new religion. They refused for good reason. It would have angered God. He knew absolutely nothing about Christianity or he might not have even asked/demanded. It was at that point that he started to get violent. So, he wanted to control the people, not really start a religion. He should have just converted and there would be peace and he would have gone to Heaven when he died. You’ll have to read up on this because I can’t remember all of it and I’m supposed to be working. LOL

        • JOHN T. FOX


        • Ovomit1

          You are exactly right….good post

      • ChicagoThunder1

        In some places they call human flesh “Long Pork” Head hunters and such. It’s also part of satanic worship related to Bael .

      • Spectre

        Actually, I asked a Muslim and he said it’s because the meat is filthy. It has to do with pigs eating slop or something. He’s also a scientist, so he has reason to dismiss that, but it’s one of those faith-based things that goes beyond what we study physically. It’s also in Leviticus, but Christians eat pork. Maybe it’s because that was Old Testament…
        And no, I was not beheaded and he only made food in our pressure cooker. ;p

        • runnindeer

          You might say that was one persons response. The Muslims I have heard gave the excuse that I posted above. The fact is, they took it from the Jewish scriptures and command. It isn’t Kosher.

      • John Stratemeyer

        From Biblical times, the Jews, and probably just about everyone else in the vicinity of ancient Palestine, would not eat the meat of cloven-hoofed animals because it was unhealthy. That’s where the aversion to pork comes from. Can’t explain the “closest thing to human meat” statement though. That one is a head-scratcher.

    • got243kids

      Thanks for the laugh… that’s funny.

  • runnindeer

    I saw one of these wild boars running through a field when I was driving on the expressway coming from Augusta Georgia some months ago . That thing was fast! There wasn’t anything around to chase it either. That was one scary looking critter that I would have hated to meet up with if walking without a gun . Or with a gun if not careful. this one in this photo is much smaller to.

  • Tired of the Same Old Crap

    Now Lets turn the hunterrs loose on the cities to eliminate the feral thugs. They too breed like alley cats and are just as discriminating in thier choice of mates.

  • MikeS

    Need to save a few to bury on Muslim owned land.

    • yaki534

      Bury them with the Muslims.

  • pointdan

    Ted Nugent for President !

    • noweareman

      I already have that bumper sticker on my truck!

      • Jerry Pappe

        I have that bumper sticker too!

    • Berzrkr50

      Got me one of those! And I display it proudly!

  • DEfromDC

    That should be federal not feral pigs that we need to get rid of.

  • DEfromDC

    Maybe the pigs should be sent to DC. They would do more for the country than most of our representatives.

  • Rickintheforest

    Where was The Nuge when I was in college in the 60’s? We had a tremendous over-supply of wild pigs back then and…………..

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    Put Texas on hold just a bit longer. Send Ted to inside the “Beltway”…and take care of the out of control hogs and feral pigs in that sty.

  • noweareman

    Time to make some “Pershing Blankets”

  • noweareman

    Another reason we need “assault weapons”
    When you shoot one in a group they scatter like hell!

    • Patriot

      I saw a special on TV where a guy used an AR-15 at night to hunt hogs. Very effective. AR-15 is NOT an assault weapon. It only fires 1 shot at a time.

      • noweareman

        Yeah!-Tell that to the “Expert” Feinstein.

  • Debra S.

    I sure would love to shoot some hogs!!! BUT I DO wonder should we really eat wild pig meat? yuck- parasites! I know the pigs I buy from a neighbor’s farm has been raised with all the modern worming available to pigs now! And no brucellosis either. I’d be sort of freaked to eat wild pig myself. LOL Besides- it would be dry. hahaha I tried pastured pig meat once.. even THAT was too dry. Give me fat! it’s what I love about pork.

    • Steve Thomas

      I would rather eat wild hog than one raised commercially. Living in it’s own poop, shot up with antibiotics/drugs, and fed GMO corn.
      If the pastured pig was dry, it was because you cooked it wrong.

    • Sarah Conner

      Once you cook the meat…all parasites will be obliviated by the heat…

  • mngriz

    With my old eyes, I had to look about 10 times at the above picture to see that she didn’t have a spear sticking out of a dog…kind of an optical illusion with the hogs head turned the way it is….I guess I need to get out my cheaters!!

    • ChicagoThunder1

      No, she pitch forked it. It kinda makes one respect the power of a pitch fork.
      Now we see why they carried pitch forks and torches. Primitive but effective.

      • chamuiel

        That is not a pitch fork she is holding.

        If that is what you are seeing, you need to go get your eyes checked, again.

    • Steve Thomas

      That or drink more carrot juice.

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Lee

    I say we get a few thousand of our military, have them learn how to capture these pigs, get a few C140’s, and ship them, the pigs, to the Middle east, and let them populate over there.

  • reggiec

    I hear feral pork makes fantastic sausage.

    • ONTIME

      It’s better than a domestic pork…

  • dHb

    Pretty clever how daddy Doug finds ways to use Regis to add a bit of a feminine allure to the marketing scheme. I wonder if she smokes his new line of cigars?

  • hangman57

    They do hunting tours from Helicopters , You bring a semi-auto weapon and fire from the helicopter door . All you can kill in a hour and the meat is sent to homeless shelters . nothing gets wasted .

  • Al

    Only 500 these things are so out of control. Last weekend we were moving my step daughter off to college and I had to make a pit stop. I pull into the mom and pop gas station in the middle of nowhere and just as I am stopping I see them. Two feral hogs coming out of the brush. So I drove further on. Some people I know had some of them get into their yard. Hogs did over $15,000 damage.

  • slickzip

    OH BOY I can just hear PETA starting a program to save the hogs ,,,,,

    • ONTIME

      I can see PETA folk tied to stakes with pig food around them….

  • slickzip

    YEA for UNCLE TED he is a real AMERICAN

  • slickzip

    Uncle Ted is the man 100% AMERICAN

  • Ballistic45

    Very good reason to have those damn High Powered Semi Automatic guns the Liberals want to outlaw… Well not outlaw for themselves, just the rest of us… Pelosi says government people like her need them……

  • DEfromDC

    Is this practice for when the feds try to take guns away from Texans?


    How much to hunt those pigs from a chopper with a semi auto?

  • jimpeel

    They should gather them up and drop them from B-52s over Afghanistan.

  • georgethorvat

    Uh-huh; Well if they “really” want to go after “porkers” they are looking in the wrong part of the country. Try Washington D.C. When it comes to spending”our” money our faithful elected officials don’t leave much left on the bone; if any.

  • zrick01

    We need to tell all muslims about this pig contaminated state. We might also mention that certain bother states do not have this problem.

  • Raymond Holland

    Leave them alone the panthers need to eat

  • John Stratemeyer

    I hope the Robertson clan shows up! They are — hands down– the funniest guys in America. Si will show them how it’s done!

  • Dominic De Falco

    When we get this wild hog problem under control, then can we start on the Ghetto rat problem?

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