Temporary Candidate Steps in for Hillary and It’s…

So what happens if she has to permanently drop out? We couldn’t have Bill again, thankfully, but would Tim Kaine just step up and start his own campaign? He’s probably working on the design for his yard signs right now.


When in doubt, call in the Big Dog — that’s what Hillary Clinton’s ailing campaign has done.

Bill Clinton will be stepping in tomorrow for his pneumonia-plagued wife at the pricey fundraisers set for Seth MacFarlane and Barry Diller’s homes, campaign sources confirm to Deadline.

Hollywood’s O.G. favorite Democrat, the 42nd President of the United States will now headline the lunch at the Family Guy creator’s pad and the “Conversation and Dinner With Hillary Clinton” at the IAC Chairman and Diane von Furstenberg’s home on Tuesday.

This substitution at the deep-pocket events shows not only how the Clinton campaign plans to keep going while the candidate takes a few days off as her doctor recommended but also how much Hollywood support and dollars mean to them. While sympathetic to the sick former Secretary of State, guests at the $50,000-max-a-ticket MacFarlane fundraiser and the $100,000-a-couple dinner were starting to grumble about the secretive campaign’s last-minute decision to reveal the true state of her health and the cancellation on September 11.

Today, as her husband was interviewed by Charlie Rose, Clinton tweeted from her home in Chappaqua, NY, where she was resting:

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