TERRIFYING FOOTAGE: Shows the Moment ISIS Militants Dragged Yazidi Women Away from Their Families to Become Sex Slaves

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.12.51 AMAll for Allah though, right?

Harrowing footage has emerged which appears to show ISIS gunmen dragging terrified wives and daughters from their families to make them sex slaves.

The video, posted online by activists, shows a crowd of screaming Yazidis being separated one by one by militants armed with AK-47s in what appears to be an apartment block.

Terrified girls try to cling to their parents but are ripped away, some by their hair, and corralled into another group at gunpoint.

Above them, the sinister ISIS black flag is hung from a balcony beside more jihadists, one of whom appears to be brandishing a rocket launcher.

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