TERROR IN FRANCE: 5 Drones Spotted Flying Over US Embassy and Eiffel Tower, Considered High Terror Alert

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Are terrorists planning an air strike on Paris?

Paris is on alert for a new terror attack after ‘at least’ five drones were spotted illegally flying around city landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Bastille Square and the U.S. embassy building.

Unmanned aircraft were also spotted flying overnight near the French capital’s Place de la Concorde and the Invalides military museum, where Napoleon Bonaparte is buried.

French security sources where unable to catch the operators of the drones, which are typically fitted with video recording equipment and can be used for surveillance of a terror target to assess security levels and any spikes in pedestrian football ahead of a planned attack.

The first drone sighting was near the US embassy in the French capital at around midnight.

Between then and 6am the Eiffel Tower, Bastille Square, the Place de la Concorde and the Invalides military museum ‘were also flown over’ , a security source said.

‘It could be a coordinated action but we don’t know for now,’ the source, who asked not to be identified, added.

‘We did everything to try and catch the operators but they were not found,’ another source close to the investigation said.

France has experienced a series of mysterious drone appearances in the last few months. On January 20, a pilotless aircraft briefly went over the presidential palace in Paris, while around 20 drones were earlier seen flying above nuclear power plants.

However until Tuesday ‘there have never been so many drones appearing in one night,’ the security source said.

The emergence of drones comes amid warnings by terrorist groups that they will attack the city, following January shootings which left a total of 20 dead, including three terrorists.

‘They could be seen throughout the night, but nobody knows who were operating them,’ said a police source in the capital.

A specialist police aviation unit tried to establish who was at the controls, but there have been no arrests.

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