THAT’S AWKWARD: Hillary Shows Up Late to Her Own Debate

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 10.04.20 AMGuess her diaper change took longer than expected.

It may have been an impromptu autograph session, a quick kiss from her granddaughter or an extended bathroom break.

But for whatever reason, Americans watching Saturday’s Democratic debate saw Hillary Clinton‘s empty podium for nearly one minute when ABC News came back from its second commercial break.

She walked onto the stage as co-moderator David Muir set up a discussion about jobs and the economy, offering a sheepish ‘Sorry.’

‘Welcome back,’ Muir said, as a camera showed two, not three Democrats on stage and reporters gathered in a makeshift press room gasped. ‘Tonight, as you can see, we have a packed audience here in New Hampshire and we’re going to continue.’

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