THE FALL OF RAMADI: Sends Iraqi Soldiers to the Border, Ready for a Fight

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.43.32 AM (1)Keep bombing these roaches.

Iraqi troops have deployed to border areas of Babil province, east of Anbar, and are on high alert after the fall of Ramadi to ISIS jihadis, the Babil Police Department media office told Rudaw on Wednesday.

According to the media office, a well-armed Iraqi force deployed Wednesday on the Anbar-Babil border, with the aim to “protect the stability and security of the cities and towns of Babil province.”

Sabah Karhut, the chairman of the Anbar Provincial Council, warned earlier the Islamic State group controls up to 80 percent of Anbar and the province’s fall would lead to the fall of Baghdad, Karbala and Babil province.

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